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I'm Wm. Hovey Smith, author of Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting Deer to Dinner for Pennies per Pound.

Backyard Deer Hunting was written to meet a need to providing information on how to find, kill and ultimately eat deer and other game animals as inexpensively as possible. Rather than being about trophy animals, the object of this book is to shoot and process game for food. This book was largely inspired by the author's experiences with hunting and consuming deer and other game such as wild hogs, bears, turkeys and waterfowl. With the 2008 economic downturn, the need for such a book became increasingly apparent. His objective was to explain all the steps needed to put good meals on a family's table as inexpensively as possible. The book concludes with a chapter on cleaning game and another on cooking containing 50 recipes that he developed over the decades. Each day seems to bring news of another economic, natural or political disaster. Backyard Deer Hunting can provide a vital resource if it become necessary to kill and process game or domestic animals for survival. This book,  available as a hardback, softcover, or e-book, which should be in every home or library It may be ordered from www.AuthorHouse.com, www.Amazon.com, from your local bookstore or the book order page on this site. 


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 Donations using the QR code may be made to help support the author's work in producing outdoor books, easily understandable business books, and videos. Those who wish to contribute by check may do so by mailing to Whitehall Press, 1325 Jordan Mill Pond Rd., Sandersville, GA. 31082.  As of January, 2021, the author had published more than 20 books and e-books and more than 850 videos on YouTube and other outlets as well as spoken on environmental and business topics at numerous locations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. 

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Wm. Hovey Smith is a native Georgian whose early love of hunting took him into the woods and swamps of his native state at a young age. Almost as soon, his interest in writing developed as a student at the University of Georgia. Later as an Engineer officer in the U.S. Army he started writing and ultimately selling outdoor stories. As his work as a Professional Geologist took him to all parts of the country, he made a point of hunting and very often writing about his experiences. These writings found their way first into the NRA magazines and later into premium publications such as the Gun Digest where for a decade he was the Corresponding Editor covering black powder guns and hunting. He has published thousands of newspaper and magazine articles on a variety of topics as well as 20 books. He became interested in business topics in the the early 2000s and has published three business books from 2015-2021. As a stage and video performer he has appeared in several regional events and has produced over 850 YouTube videos. These varied experiences in the outdoor world, with international businesses, and in the arts made him uniquely qualified to write his most recent business book, Make Your Own Job: Anytime, Anywhere, At Any Age. 

Currently Available Titles


Until Death Do You Part: An American Family Meets Their Sicilian Cousins when a Louisiana family takes a vacation to their home island for the first time in three generations and are told when they arrive on Monday that their two sons are to marry two women they have never heard of on Friday, or none will leave the island alive. Their father, mother, sister, and gay uncle attempt to extricate the two brothers, and the uncle and an Irish priest with the assistance of two gay strippers hatch a plot to have the women call off the event. In the meantime, they tour the island, sample the foods and wines, and visit the island's historic sights. Their tour is interrupted by a rival mob who is attempting to kill any members of the wedding party that they can while their activities are being closely watched by members of the Italian Anti-Mafia Association (AIA) and the FBI. Lust evolves into love and respect and the two brothers resolve be committed to their brides-to-be for whatever time may remain to them. The book serves as a cultural and gastronomic guide to the American Southwest, Louisiana, and Sicily based on the author's years spent as a Geologist working in the Southwestern U.S. and research in Sicily. The novel is available in softcover, as an e-book, and as an audiobook from Amazon.com and other book resources worldwide.  

Make Your Own Job book coverMake Your Own Job: Anytime, Anywhere, At Any Age is a business book for the non-business major that enables the user to discover ways to raise immediate cash, start their own mini-businesses as needed and work toward longer term goals such as developing unique home businesses to support them and their families. In this time of the Corona Virus many have been and some still are without work and see no immediate prospects of finding a job while continuing home schooling or caring for elderly relatives. This book describes methods of selecting the best short-term, medium-term, and long-term business options to enable readers to select their optimum methods at the moment to raise immediate cash, plan for longer-term prospects, and to ultimately start a unique business that can provide them and their families with lifetime security. These new ventures mayAudio book be in new product development, personal service, retailing specialty items, selling specialized tools, in the arts, founding a nonprofit organization or combinations of the above. Even if presently employed, running such a business at a low level while working for someone else provides additional income security, should one become injured or abruptly terminated from what was once considered a lifetime job. Even professions that formerly seemed secure such as medicine, and education have seen wide-spread cutbacks while many retail business have closed forever after having been displaced by on-line sales. This book has received a recommendation of, "A worthy book for newbie entrepreneurs." The complete review may be seen on the Book Review, and Recent Activities pages of this blog.

To order Make Your Own Job click on images. 

Ideas for New Businesses: Finding Ideas for Starting your $million or $billion dollar business.  (Author House, 2015) reveals four free universally available sources for ideas that can be used to start businesses that can generate significant Ideas for New Businessesmoney. It takes the same effort to start a small business as a large one generating much greater income. The interactive $2.99 E-book version is available on Amazon.com, and a free App allows it to be read on any computer or phone and Amazon Prime customers may read it for free.  It contains links to 20 YouTube videos which takes the viewer through the business process from  initial concept to final disposition. The softcover also contains an Idea Log for recording your ideas for short term, medium term and long term action. This book was introduced in 2015 at the 3rd World Emerging Industries Summit in Zhengzhou, China,  to invited attendees from Fortune 500, Forbes 2000 and Cabinet-level officials of Asia-Pacific countries. This is a small book allowing it to be taken anywhere. Using ink-on-paper to record your ideas is a hacker-free method of keeping them safe as well as providing a useful record that will not appear on your phone or electronic record.  Although listed at higher prices on Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobles and elsewhere, the softcover is available from me for $10.00 plus taxes and shipping for U.S. orders. It may be ordered using the Pay Pal button below.     


  Crossbow Hunting (Stackpole, 2006) (Printing sold out Feb. 2016) is the most comprehensive book ever written on the modern crossbow as a hunting instrument. Starting with a brief section on the history of this hunting tool, the book quickly proceeds through a series of heavily illustrated chapters to describe the features of a variety of modern crossbows in several price ranges. Rather than being a catalogue, this book features hunting techniques and the tested capabilities of crossbows as the author describes his experiences on hunts from Georgia to Alaska. He includes some of his own hunts where he took deer, bear and alligators with the crossbow and others' experiences hunting lion, Cape and Asian buffalo. He views the crossbow as part of the archery continuum. A youngster, under adult supervision, can shoot his first deer at about eight-years old using a crossbow that fits him and can take any North American deer at close range. As he ages he can progress to the compound bow and fall back on his crossbow should he become injured. At an older age the crossbow can extend a hunter's ability to hunt another 20 or 30 years beyond the time that he can pull a hunting-weight bow.  Existing copies of the softcover book are available from bookstores for a retail price of $19.95 and also from Amazon.com and other Web outlets so long as copies last. I have some stock remaining which may be ordered by sending me an e-mail to hoveysmith@bellsouth.net for $25.00 which includes shipping. 

Crossbow Hunting will continue to be available as an E-book from Amazon.com and other E-book sources.


Practical Bowfishing (Stoeger, 2006) is now out of print, but is still available from the author. This book is similar to the author's other titles in that it takes a comprehensive look at the subject starting from choosing basic equipment, rigging a bowfishing boat, methods of bowfishing, the fish that may be taken and concludes with chapters on cleaning and cooking the fish. There is no other sport where usually an unlimited amount of game may be taken, from almost anywhere in the country, provide some of the best-eating fish that exist and improves the fishery at the same time. After the book was published the author took a 30-day trip bowfishing from Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, to Grays Harbor, Washington State. Using an old boat, worse-looking trailer and a 4-hp. engine, he bowfished the Savannah, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Yellowstone and Columbia rivers and many smaller bodies of water. The biggest fish was a Washington carp that weighed over 50 pounds. Nearly all of these fish were eaten by the author or others. This is a sport where almost anyone can participate since the draw weight of a bowfishing bow is typically in the about 30 pounds. This book may be ordered from the author by sending a check to Wm. Hovey Smith, 1325 Jordan Mill Pond Rd., Sandersville, GA 31082 in the amount of $20.00 for U.S. orders or use the Pay Pal link below.

Practical Bowfishing: The E-Book contains all of the information in the original softcover version as well as a new chapter "Hunting across North America," updated supplier information and expanded captions. Because of the need to reduce the file size for the E-book version, most of the photos in the softcover book have been eliminated. The E-Book version is presently available from www.barnesandnoble.com and will soon be available from www.amazon.com, www.ibookstore.apple.com and other E-book outlets for $8.99.

 X-Treme Muzzleloading . (Author House, 2012). This 9 X 11-inch, nearly 300-page book takes the reader on the author's adventures as he spends a half-century hunting in North America, Europe and Africa with an assortment of Muzzleloading hunting with rifle shotgun pistolblack-powder guns and components. Not content with only shooting deer with the newest in-line rifles, Wm. Hovey Smith took on small game with rifles, pistols and muskets; the world's largest fowl with muzzleloading muskets, shotguns and rifles; and African game with a black-powder double rifle, in-line rifle, double-barreled smoothbore and pistol. The guns used were as varied as the game. They include matchlock, flintlock, percussion and 209-primed original, replica and modern muzzleloading firearms. Although some hunts were sponsored, the majority were financed by the author, and similar experiences are available to anyone. Those who read the author's hunting adventures as they were published in Dixie Gun Works' Blackpowder Annual, Blackpowder Hunting, Muzzle Blasts and numerous other publications will enjoy revisiting these interesting, and often humorous, stories. Some have been combined into fact-filled chapters covering small game, upland, waterfowl, big game and African hunting while others remain mostly intact. The variety of guns, species taken and the innovative approaches used to explore the practical capabilities of the guns are unmatched in modern times. Those who want a "new" look at an "old" aspect of the hunting sports will not be disappointed. Publication credits include thousands of newspaper and magazine articles, 13 previous books and he is now the Corresponding Editor for Gun Digest covering black-powder guns and hunting. Including shipping, the book is available  for $27.77 by mail order for U.S. orders.  Send a check with shipping instructions to Whitehall Press-Budget Publications, 1325 Jordan Mill Pond Road, Sandersville, GA 31082. For bulk purchases inquire to www.hoveysmith@bellsouth.net. Often the best available price for this book will be at www.authorhouse.com and it is also available at www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com.

X-Treme Muzzleloading as an E-book is now available at www.authorhouse.com , www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com and all electronic book sellers.

Muzzleloading Short Shots E-Book Series The first five titles, Muzzleloaders for Hunters,  Buying Used Muzzleloading Guns, Shooting and Maintaining your Muzzleloader, Hunting with Muzzleloading Shotguns and Smoothbore Muskets and Hunting Big and Small Game with Muzzleloading Pistols were published in 2013.  Hunting with Muzzleloading Revolvers and  Muzzleloading Guns for Self Defense were published in 2020. Building your Own Muzzleloader will be published in 2021.  These book will be available from www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, and all other E-book retailers.


Hovey's Knives of China

This company's assets are now being sold. Taking designs from ancient patterns of cooking knives developed in China and other cultures thousands of years ago has resulted in a new line of uniquely versatile cooking knives for today's cooks and Chefs. These knives underwent hundreds of years of development in Royal kitchens, and these reintroduced versions perform many more tasks than simply cutting food. Orders for water-jet blade blanks cut from stainless steel, completed custom Signature knives that are hand-made in Georgia and licensed production arrangements with knife makers and companies may now be made.  

Radio Show

For Hovey's Outdoor Adventures Radio Show Page click on the following link: http://webtalkradio.net/shows/hoveys-outdoor-adventures/. Listen now.  This radio show has now been discontinued, but episodes are still available from this site and from other sources. Some of the shows are topical, others are interviews and there are also stand-alone shows which I carry completely by myself. All of these shows have surprising elements, comedy and new information about the topics they cover. Among the gag ads featured in these shows are those for Misty Mange: The hair care product that you and your pet can share; the activities of SIN (Synthetic Industrial Non-nutritives , Inc.) line of Glop-based eatables, which includes High Solids Puke Vodka, for the full enjoyment of your drinking experience; and Cheap, Cheap, Cheap, the firm that allows you to maximize profits by seeking lowest-cost production and making things from less expensive materials of doubtful strength.

  A Visit from Auntie Thresa Claus. is available as a 30-minute, one-act stage play using eight actors, this play is ideal for small church or school groups wanting to produce a new play. Auntie Thresa Claus is Santa's not-so-nice sister, who not only gets Christmas presents ready for the world's kids at the North Pole, but she wants to get presents too. She is inadvertently invited to the financially struggling Jay family's home for Christmas. She selects some much-wanted presents intended for the family's children. The children must give them to her or the entire family loses everything related to Christmas. Thanks to a wish made on an ancient coin baked into a plum pudding, the day's events are reversed; and the family has a joyous Christmas. More information on the play is available at the Thresa Claus Webpage. Single copies of the stage play may be obtained for $14.00 by using the PayPal link below. For information on the screenplay and short story versions contact the author at www.hoveysmith@bellsouth.net.

My Home Town, Sandersville, Georgia is a one-hour audio CD that uses the format of an old-time radio show to trace the histHistory of Washington County CDory of Washington County, Georgia, from pre-Colombian times to the present. Included is a pre-dawn walk around the town square where the buildings are described as the author relates past events, including when the town was largely burned by Gen. W.T. Sherman on his March to the Sea in the winter of 1864. Many groups passed through the community with each leaving a mix of buildings and individuals that still have a profound impact on the community. Also included is information on the author who was born in a hospital located on one corner of the square and whose family home was on the opposite corner. Past family members included a former mayor, lawyers, a doctor, educators and plantation owners with each influencing the community. Change, sometime slow and sometimes cataclysmic have swept through this part of Georgia including Indian raids, Civil War, Plantation Life, the Jim Crow south, Depression, world wars and intergration. Although not all past events were harmonious, the community has survived, adapted and changed. "A good place to live then. A good place to live now," the author concludes. The CD, in a plastic case, is available for $10.70 for U.S. orders  by mail order to 1325 Jordan Mill Pond Road, Sandersville, Georgia 31082 or from $5.00 - $7.00 from city merchants or by using the Pay Pal button below.   

Selling books, films and other creative content in the present economy (Lecture Series). Traditional marketing for books, films and other creative works has radically changed. The old author-agent-publisher (or studio) relationship is going away. Replacing it is an author-driven approach were he (or she) takes on the responsibilities of marketing his works. There are good and bad aspects of this new way of doing business. The good things are that the works can be completed much faster, costs are less and the response to properly crafted marketing materials can be very rapid.

Multiple media approaches, including books, film shorts, full-length films, lectures, E-releases on Youtube and other E-media, blog postings, radio, audio publications, E-books and TV appearances are necessary to drive sales. Help can be obtained by getting support from non-profit organizations, businesses, corporate sponsorships, trade groups as well as religious, professional and governmental organizations that share the objectives of the work. These organizations will publicize through their mailing lists, which may number in the millions, through product purchases and for paid speaking appearances.

My presentation of this topic explores all of these factors as well as offers examples from my own experiences from having published 14 books, thousands of news and magazines articles in addition to making videos and writing movie scripts. I am available world-wide on an expense-plus-fee basis.

Consulting to businesses in the outdoor field. As an aid to those wanting to start their own outdoor-based business, I have posted a series of 21 videos "Starting Your Own Outdoor Business" on YouTube and a few on my blog, "Backyard Deer Hunting." If you would like me to consult with you about your potential, or ongoing, business; a convenient way to be introduced is via a multi-party conference call at a rate of $200 an hour, which includes a follow-up written report. Before the call I need to receive a written list of topics at hoveysmith@bellsouth.net and prepayment for a minimum of one hour. The PayPal button below is set for a payment rate of $100 for each half-hour. The odd amounts shown on the PayPal site are to make this site work for something that is not their usual shipped product. Click on the check mark and it will display the rates for one and two hours.

Face to face meetings would require expenses plus a by-the-hour charge for consultation and follow-up reports. However, the telephone conference call is an inexpensive and quick way for me to give you some directed assistance in getting your new business off to a good start. 

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