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Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting Deer to Dinner for Pennies per Pound

Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting Deer to Dinner for Pennies per Pound
by Wm. Hovey Smith

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Backyard Deer Hunting
Converting Deer to Dinner for Pennies per Pound

In a single volume, prize-winning author Wm. Hovey Smith explains every aspect of deer hunting from finding deer to cooking it for your family.

This book is designed for someone who has never, or seldom, hunted or cooked game. Basic hunting and cooking instructions are provided along with 50 tested recipes. Novice and experienced hunters alike will enjoy the author's writing style which is like sitting across the kitchen table listening to a favorite grandparent talk about hunting, cooking and life lessons learned.

In these times when every day appears to bring news of some economic, natural or polotical disaster, the need for a family to process wild and domestic animals for food may become a vital survival skill until normal conditions return days, or perhaps months, later. This book needs to be readily accessible in homes and libraries throughout North America.

Learn how to: Find Deer * Become Licensed * Get Permission to Hunt * Hunt Deer * Kill Deer * Skin Deer * Retrieve Deer * Package Deer * Freeze Deer* Cook Deer and Other Wild Game * Serve Wild Game Meals * Save Money

Wm. Hovey Smith is a prize-winning author whose previous books have explored infrequently written about topics such as bowfishing and crossbow hunting. Always interested in the unusual aspects of outdoor life, he has been an avid user of muzzleloading guns which has included hunts in 30 U.S. states, Europe and Africa. These activities resulted in his being appointed a Contributing Editor for Gun Digest where he covers black-powder guns and hunting. He also commonly writes about knives in Knife World and the Krause knife annuals. He is the author of 13 books and thousands of newspaper, magazine and on-line articles published since the 1970s.

Diversified in his interests and activities, the author is a Professional Registered Geologist whose work took him throughout North America. This work enabled him to hunt in numerous locations and observe how others, quite different from himself, responded to hunting and the outdoors. These experiences and observations have been incorporated into his works as he explores hunting with humor and an appreciation for life's unexpected events.

The unusual and the almost unbelievable have always categorized the author's works. They have a fresh approach to their subjects as related to his experiences, rather than being rehashes of commonly repeated information.

The book is now available in softcover, hardcover and, from AuthorHouse, in all E-book formats. The bound editions may also be ordered from Amazon.com and other electronic retailers as well as from your local bookstore.