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Make Your Own Job

MAKE YOUR OWN JOB Wm. Hovey Smith Stratton Press (156 pp.) $7.99 paperback, $2.99 e-book ISBN: 978-1-64895-264-7 October 19, 2020 BOOK REVIEW

A guide for displaced or disgruntled employees focuses on the fundamentals of starting a business. The premise of entrepreneur/author Smith’s manual, a follow-up to his book Create Your Own Job Security (2018), is “that the best way for workers to insure their futures is to make their own jobs.” Beginning with an overview of today’s workplace in Chapter 1, Smith discusses older workers who are let go in favor of younger workers; the rise of the gig economy, in which he participated as a contract consultant; and the potential perils of automation. The author quickly transitions from this introductory content to the basics of establishing a business in Chapter 2. He first examines the “three stages” of forming and operating a business, “concept, people, and execution.” Smith suggests that “most people think too small” when starting a new business while cautioning “you have to be watchful about the next trend or market twists that might render your product or service obsolete.” The subsequent 14 chapters outline various elements of small-business management and execution, including the development of a concept, identification of an audience, types of businesses, funding, legal issues, business plans, names and branding, and more. Most chapters are brief, providing only perfunctory information, just enough to help an individual interested in self-employment launch a business. While some chapters cover a topic, such as patents, in adequate detail, others are quite abbreviated; for example, the chapters “Locating Your Business” and “Running Your Virtual Corporation” are a mere two and a half pages each. Still, the book covers a broad range of areas and offers some solid advice. A discussion of selling locally and regionally versus internationally should be useful for globally oriented entrepreneurs. The final chapter helpfully deals with some of the pluses and minuses of self-employment. Here, Smith addresses the psychological aspects of starting a business as well as the impact ownership can have on one’s physical health; the author shares some of his personal strategic wisdom for maintaining wellness. Smith’s uncluttered prose reflects his passion for small businesses.

A worthy rudimentary resource for business newbies.  

Ongoing Projects for 2021 

The end of 2020 saw the completion of my most recent business book Make Your Own Job: Anytime, Anywhere, At Any Age and its publication in early 2021 in softcover, e-book, and as an audiobook. Concurrent with this was continuing work on my Novel, "Father of the Grooms," which was published as a First Draft edition on Amazon in 2020. This work, now retitled, has been the basis of a screenplay which was entered in a number of screenplay contest and is currently under revision, and the novel has been submitted to ListenUp Productions for release as an audio book in 2021. 

The last remaining e-book in my eight-book series of audio books on muzzleloading guns, Building or Restoring Your Muzzleloader, is awaiting the kill of a significant animal by Bon Richard, a replica French 1777 .69-caliber musket that I built from a kit to finish the series. It is anticipated that this title will be completed in 2021. 

I am continuing to ad YouTube videos to my Hovey Smith Channel. The current count on this channel is over 850 videos and more are planned for the coming year.