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New activities in 2012 include the publication of a new book X-Treme Muzzleloading: Fur, Fowl and Dangerous Game with Muzzleloading Pistols, Rifles and Smoothbores and publication of all of my outdoor titles in E-Book versions, including Practical Bowfishing which has a new chapter "Hunting across North America" and updated supplier information.  Although I continue to sell copies of this out-of-print book for $20 from this website, others are charging from $55 to over $200 for used books. The E-book versions of all of these books are less expensive than the printed versions, but lack the large number of photos that I include in the soft-cover versions.

My radio show, "Hovey's Outdoor Adventures," will start hour-long broadcasts in November, 2010. This show is entertainment based compared to the information-heavy "Backyard Sportsman." "Hovey's Outdoor Adventures" will use the storytelling format to relate product information and hunting tips in a very practical way while providing entertainment and fun in the process. Unlike the "Backyard Sportsman" which was a live broadcast, the new show is pre-recorded which allows it to be produced at any location, anytime. Both shows will be archived on Apple's iTunes and may be listened to 24/7 or downloaded to portable devices.